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Lafleche 1st Responders

Our current team has been together for over 6 years, we currently have a team of 4 but in the past, we have had as many as 8 on our team. Since our community is mostly made up of seniors, the need was there to form this group to provide this service to the communities we serve. Our local ambulance org provides the training for us and ensures we are all certified and mandatory recertification takes place every 2 years.

Wood River Search and Rescue

Our team formed in April 2000, as a collaborative effort by the Gravelbourg and Lafleche Fire Departments after a tragic drowning at Thomson Lake the previous fall. Since then, our team has grown independent of the fire departments due to the huge amount of training needed for both organizations.

Caronport Fire Rescue

Located on the Trans-Canada Highway just 18km West of Moose Jaw, our service area covers two full RMs. Caronport Fire Rescue was started in 1979 as a group of teachers at the high school/college that were tasked with creating a team that would cover the needs of the college and those who worked there. When a call would come in, these dedicated employee's wives would phone others to come and help. They would take their modified water truck and go.

Outlook Fire Department

Outlook Fire Department started when the town started in 1909. The fire department has always been a intricate part of the town by serving patrons with fire protection. Over the years as the town got bigger more services were added such as water rescue on the South Saskatchewan River and Lake Diefenbaker.

Pierceland Volunteer Fire Department

 We provide all kinds of fire and rescue operations, including wildfire fighting. Tyler Frolick Share Your Submission The services you provide and the area you service: We provide all kinds of fire and rescue operations, including wildfire fighting. Our area consists of roughly 50km by 50km area providing services to 3 reservations, local farming operations, a small hamlet (Beacon Hill) and of course our town itself. 

Watrous & District Fire Department

We provide fire and rescue protection to Watrous and the surrounding municipalities. Our rescue boundaries extend past our fire service boundaries to include many other other towns and villages including Simpson, Young, Zelma, Lockwood and Manitou Beach

Hafford Fire Department

The first records of our department go back to 1918 with the first appointment of a Fire Chief. For many years all the town had was a bucket brigade. In 1950 part of the town burnt to the ground which spurred the purchase of equipment. Over the next 7 decades, we have expanded our coverage areas, improved our equipment as best we can and trained our firefighters to be safe and effective for the community at large. In the past 10 years, we have begun implementing an improvement program to upgrade our ageing trucks, protective equipment and rescue tools such as the jaws for vehicle extrication.

Vincent lake /TLC Ranch Fire Response

In 2012 my father saw the need for better fire protection in our rural area, and purchased a 1986 Ford f800 fire engine, over the years we have been slowly equipping it with tools and supplies to help fight the many wildfires that wreak havoc in the great Sandhills where we ranch. We have one 1001 level 2 certified firefighter/medical first responder and 6 others members of our ranch who respond to calls from neighbors about fires in our area.

R.M. Of Swift Current Fire Department

The R.M. of Swift Current Fire Department was founded in July of 1994 with a whopping 6 members! Over the years, the department has gone from offering firefighting services, and over time receiving extensive training to be able to provide the services we do today. As of today, our department has 16 on-call positions, 2 alternate positions that do not dedicate time to being on-call, and we have 1 Jr. Firefighter. Currently, 9 of our members are certified Medical First Responders with the Sask Health Authority.

Amphibious Response Support Unit One

Our organization was founded in 2015 with the primary goal to “Partner with First Responders to Save Lives”. Amphibious Response Support Unit One operates as a non-profit organization registered in Saskatchewan with our Headquarters presently located in Regina Saskatchewan.

Strasbourg and District Fire and Rescue

Our fire dept has long roots. We have been a part of the community since it’s inception. We currently have 31 active members. Of which I am proud to say include 2 female firefighters and 2 junior members.

Dinsmore Fire and Rescue

This department was founded about 1920 and has remained a valuable service to the communities of Wiseton and Dinsmore and the three surrounding RM’s. Currently we have a 2 pumper trucks, a tanker, a rescue truck and a wildland truck.

Carrot River Fire and Rescue

Carrot River Fire and Rescue started in 1936 when the Town of Carrot River received its first two wheel firefighting wagon. At that time it and other firefighting equipment was being stored at a granary in town.

Meadow Lake Fire & Rescue

Meadow Lake Fire & Rescue was formed in 1930 along with the new Town of Meadow Lake. We have grown along with the community, and now serve the City of Meadow Lake, Flying Dust First Nation, the Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake, and several small communities within a 100-km radius.

Invermay & District Fire Department

Formed by collaboration between Village of Invermay and R.M. of Invermay. Volunteer Fire Dept consisting of farmers, construction workers, business owners and employees. Member of Mutual Aid District involving 11 Fire Departments.

Delisle Fire Department

Mike took over our team about 6 years ago and has since grown it to something amazing. We now have over 30 members and have been working hard at getting new equipment for this training. We are one of the busiest halls in Saskatchewan and have the 3rd largest response area for a volunteer hall and we get calls weekly.

Eaglecreek Fire Department

Our department was brought back to life in June 2019. Like all volunteer departments, age is hard on them. We campaigned with the locals and got new volunteers. We have the heart just lacking funds but thanks to equipment donations we are slowly rebuilding.

Tisdale Fire Department

The Tisdale Fire Department was formed in 1905, the year the Town of Tisdale was incorporated. Our department consists of 23 members. We have a Chief, Deputy Chief, 5 Captains one training officer and 15 Fire Fighters.

Carnduff Volunteer Fire and Rescue

The men and women provide vital support for any accidents around our area, mostly motor vehicles. They can provide scene control for larger calls as well. They all take their own personal time to attend training sessions and advance their knowledge.

Regina Needle Recovery & Community Support

The men and women provide vital support for any accidents around our area, mostly motor vehicles. They can provide scene control for larger calls as well. They all take their own personal time to attend training sessions and advance their knowledge.

Quill Lake Fire and Rescue

The Quill Lake fire department started in 1919. Over the years we have grown and upgraded our equipment and trucks to keep up with our community's needs. In 1992 the first responders were formed. A few years later they joined together to make Quill Lake fire and rescue. We have 16 firefighters which included 2 women. 4 of the firefighters are also first responders.

Glaslyn RM of Parkdale Fire and Rescue

The village of Glaslyn formed a volunteer fire dept in 1972. They purchased a 1948 used fire truck from North Battleford, which was taken out of service in 2004, and put in the museum. In 1990 the RM of Parkdale partnered with the village, and they purchased a new 1989 Ford fire truck, this is the truck we still use to this day.

Springside Fire Department

Our department has been in existence for most of the towns history. About five years ago, we went through a growth of membership and a great interest in training and improvement in the services we provide. We now have 18 members and great community support. We have a mix of veterans and rookies, young and young at heart, men and women. Everyone is dedicated to serve the residents, businesses, visitors and those passing through our area.

Redvers Fire Department

Fire Chief Hutton, Deputy Bennett and Deputy Malin, along with 18 other firepersons, watch over the Town of Redvers and surrounding communities 24/7. These dedicated community members, not only show up monthly for meetings and training, they leave their houses in the middle of the night, at special family events and in the middle of supper to tend to emergency situations

Meadow Lake & District Search and Rescue

There was a search team located in Meadow years ago. However, they disbanded and there was no group in our area. After having several people lost near our community we saw a need that we could fill. Our group started up 6 years ago and we have actively taken training to make sure we are ready and able to help when called. We have been on searches with happy endings and with sad endings, but helping family and friends reunite with their loved ones or be able to find closure is such a rewarding experience.

Ebenezer Volunteer Fire Department

Our department was first put into service in 1981 by our current and long time chief Ray Miller. It has grown over the years with equipment upgrades and new members always looking to join our team.

Mossbank Fire Deptment

Our team is currently made up of 12 volunteers that are committed to “jumping into action” when we get the emergency call and with the majority being self-employed they drop everything and rush to the sene. Of course, there has been a local fire dept for many years but in the last 10 years, we feel we have really stepped it up a notch with helping the community and working hard to make an even better and safer community to live in.

Silton and District Volunteer Fire Department

The Silton Fire Department was founded in 1986 by members of the local community who recognized the need for fire services in our area. Starting out in a small community, the SFD operated out of a building in town, big enough for the sole truck and the members’ gear.

Rosthern Fire and Rescue

Just celebrated 125 years last year. Still going strong. Currently have 15 members dedicated to protecting the town, RM and its citizens - both temporary and permanent.

Simpson & District Volunteer Fire Department

Our department has been in service since the 60’s, we have a very dedicated team who give their time to train and help others in some of their darkest moments. We are a very underfunded unit having to do a lot of our own fundraising to keep operating.

Aberdeen First Responders

Our team was established in 1989 in the RM of Aberdeen. We are a group of 12 Medical First Responders trained by SHA. We continue our training monthly with the exception of 2 months of the year. We attend annual training with the Health Region and attend the South Saskatchewan First Responder Conference annually as well.

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