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My Mutual covers many types of commercial enterprises including retail outlets, apartments, contractors, greenhouses, offices and home-based businesses. Specialized insurance coverage for contractors, offices, and retail.


 C-577 - Commercial Risk Summary Sheet (Property & Liability) Fillable Download
C-582 Application - Non Profit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Download
C-584 - Seed Growers Mixing Form Download
C-586 - Application (Custom Spraying) required annually Download
C-595 - Welding Warranty Download
C-600 Greenhouse Application Download
C-605 - Crop Coverage Download
C-606 - CGL Supplemental Application Download
C-712A - Application for Profits Form Business Interruption Insurance Download
C-715A - Business Interruption Worksheet Download
C-916 - Liability Survey of Hazards - Camps Download
X-536A - Builder’s Risk Application Fillable Download
X-594 - Hydronic Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire Download 
C-100 - Commercial Property Named Perils Form Download
C-102 - Statutory Conditions Download
C-111 - Interior, Messenger and Paymaster Robbery Rider Download
C-113 - Money and Securities Rider Download
C-120 - Property Building Water Escape Endorsement Download
C-120A - Sewer, Septic Tank, Floor Drain or Sump Backup Endorsement Download
C-121 - Crime - Damage to Buildings by Burglary or Robbery Download
C-123 - Consequential Loss Assumption Clause - Cold Storage Download
C-221 - Seasonal Unoccupancy Clause Download
C-224 - Glass Download
C-301 - Equipment Breakdown Endorsement Download
C-320 - Sign Floater Download
C-325 - Electronic Equipment Coverage Download
C-350 - Installation Floater Download
C-351 - Contractor's Tools and Equipment Floater Download
C-420 - Scheduled Equipment Rider Download
C-421 - Contractor's Equipment Floater Download
C-425 - Muncipal Equipment Floater Download
C-510B - Tenants Liability Exclusions Endorsement Download
C-513 - Additional Insured Endorsement - Employees Download
C-513A - Additional Insured Endorsement - Volunteers Download
C-517 - Inflation Protection Download
C-518 - Commercial Property Broad Form Download
C-519 - Multi-Peril Agreements, Exclusions and Conditions Download
C-520 - Extensions of Property Coverages Download
C-540 - Fire Fighting Expenses Endorsement Download
C-571 - Commercial Building, Equipment and Stock Coverage Download
C-576 - Church Counseling Liability Extension Endorsement Download
C-576A - Exclusion - Professional Liability Malpractice and Errors and Omissions Download
C-913 -  Terrorism Exclusion Endorsement Download


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