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Farm Insurance Saskatchewan Built Farm Coverage

Every farm operation is unique and deserves to be treated as such. My Mutual offers industry-leading coverages for farms with reasonable rates for machinery, buildings, grain, tools, and more.

General Farm Dwelling

The Saskatchewan homestead has always been more than just a home. Each additional building represents years of investment and hard work. Coverages from My Mutual can address both the building and the business inside.

•   Dwelling and Personal Property

•   Water Protection
•   Liability Coverage
•   Home Systems Coverage and Service Line


Specialized Farming

Increased specialization means farms are operating in a big way. As a professional, you have focused your efforts and expanded your potential. My Mutual can team with you and your business matching our specialized coverages to your specific needs. 

•   Dairy Farming
•   Hog Farming
•   Poultry Farming
•   Seed Cleaning
•   Grain Drying


Farm Property Coverage

You depend on your equipment to work and work right when you need it. At the height of the season, your downtime is as costly as the repairs. Be confident you won't miss a moment and let My Mutual get you back in the field. 

•   Farm Machinery (including loss of use coverage)
•   Farm Outbuildings
•   Livestock
•   Tools and Equipment
•   Feed and Fodder
•   Grain
•   Threshed Grain


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Based in Waldheim Saskatchewan, we have provided insurance products for the past 125 years throughout the province of Saskatchewan in over 100 independently owned brokerages.