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Business Insurance Big or Small, You're Covered

As an entrepreneur, you were able to see the needs of those around you. Through your hard work and effort, your business now fills that need and makes up the intricate fabric of our communities throughout Saskatchewan. Ask how My Mutual Insurance can serve you as you serve your customers. 

Revenue Building Owners

Managing your rental houses, condos, and apartments comes with its share of challenges. Beyond just coverage for the building, My Mutual looks out for you too, providing coverage for liability or loss of income in the event of a claim.


Office and Retail

Operating an office or retail store requires a lot more than just a building with a sign out front and your insurance should go further than that too. Coverages from My Mutual Insurance will look after your building, and extend to look after things like computers, inventory, data, equipment breakdown or an attack by malicious software. Coverages that look after your liability and can help you cope in the event you have to put your business on hold due to a claim are just some of the ways My Mutual wants to help you succeed.



Saskatchewan contractors are always looking out for their clients, but who's looking out for you? My Mutual Insurance offers coverages that take care of the things that are important to you; tools, equipment, liability, and loss of income coverage. Remain confident through the course of construction with My Mutual.


House of Worship

Your place of worship is so much more than a building. It has echoed celebrations or marriage, stood as a place of comfort in times of grief, and remains a central part of your community. My Mutual Insurance has been a faithful partner to houses of worship for generations and continues to provide coverages for buildings, equipment, contents, and liability.

Based in Waldheim Saskatchewan, we have provided insurance products for the past 125 years throughout the province of Saskatchewan in over 100 independently owned brokerages.