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Spring brings hope back into our hearts in Saskatchewan. The winter can be so very long, and as the sun warms up and the snow melts, it is easy for our thoughts to leap ahead to gardening, lawns and camping.

Remember! As winter leaves us, it can ambush us with some nasty surprises! This article in Saskatchewan's own Optimum Roofing Inc. can lend some clarity in what Ice Damming is and how to recognize it.

  • Consider your own safety before doing anything. It is not recommended for residents to access their home's roof as it increases the chances of getting injured. Look into hiring professional help for the job or using a roof rake from a safe spot to remove the excess snow and ice.
  • Assure your gutters and eavestroughs are open to allow meltwater to drain. This may require professional help if you are unable to find a clear spot to do the job.

Talk to your broker if you have any questions about coverage.

Other things to remember:

  • It is likely too soon to remove the winter survival gear from your vehicle; a spring snowstorm is not unusual for Saskatchewan.
  • Take care on streets and sidewalks, sudden freezing and melting can make walkways treacherous.

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