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Here Kitty Kitty
As the leaves turn brown with the arrival of fall, an unwanted guests also often enters our lives. We are, of course talking about those darn, pesky mice. 
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As you store your camper, boat or recreational vehicle for the upcoming winter be sure to remember to guard against those unwanted guests.
With that being said, here are five helpful tips to protect your investment over the winter. 
  1.  Whenever possible block entry points for those pesky critters, mice can squeeze into a hole the size of a dime. Do a walk around of your item to locate any possible holes that mice could use for access. Once you have discovered the vulnerable areas choose an appropriate solution such as spray foam, a mesh screen, or even steel wool.
  2. Keep anything you are storing clean, remove any food, paper products, or fabrics. A clean, uncluttered area is not as desirable for mice and even dull.
  3. Research and purchase a excellent rated professional mice deterrent. These deterrents can include sprays or even noise makers that scare away mice.
  4. There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead and placing a few mice traps in case they do get inside. Apon regular inspection of your item, you can identify that you have an issue and it will also help minimize damage. 
  5. For those not wanting to use harsh chemicals, try natural mice deterrents. Through research on the web, you can find many useful tips such as dryer sheets spread around or Irish Spring soap. The best thing with some of these home remedies is that your item smells terrific afterward. 
Contact your local broker to make sure you have the proper coverage for your valuables as you store them for the winter. 

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