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This Saskatchewan summer has been hot and wet, with heavy rains comes the need to ensure your home is draining water properly. 
Here is all you need to know about gutters and downspouts to make sure you are ready for the rain. 
Gutters are designed to catch the water from your roof and carry it towards your downspouts for proper drainage. If your gutters are plugged with leaves and debris, water can build up and not be allowed to drain which can cause issues. Checking your gutters yearly and removing any debris helps get the water to the downspouts and moved away from your home.
While checking your gutters, check the slope of your gutters to ensure they have the proper slope. If gutters are not appropriately sloped towards the downspout water will have trouble flowly freely. 
 It is also essential to check the length of your downspouts as water can pool near the base of your home and cause flooding and foundation damage is too short. The recommended length of the downspout from the house should be six to 8 feet. 
There are a few options when it comes to extending your downspout, make sure to chose the one that will suit your needs but also move the water properly. 
1. Purchase a new length of the existing downspout that will give you the proper range and install
downspout into gutter
2. If the area you need to lengthen is a high traffic area, you might consider attaching a hinged elbow to the gutter. The extension can be placed up when not raining and down when the rain arrives. Ensure when traveling or away from your home for a long duration of time that you ensure the extensions are down. 
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3. Attach a flex-a-spout, they are great for extending the drainage and also can be pushed and pulled apart to extent the length to your exact needs. 
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Some of these items can be done quickly but as always make sure to stay safe and call in a professional when necessary.
Happy draining from all your friends at My Mutual Insurance. 

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