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What is a mutual insurance company? Mutual insurance dates back to 1852 in Lower Canada when a group of local farmers decided to pool their funds to protect their properties mutually. 
We felt the best to explain mutual insurance is to compare it to a private/public insurance company.
   Private/Public Insurance  Mutual Insurance
 Owners  Stockholders  Policyholders
 Strategic Focus  $$ for Stockholders  Equity for Policyholders
 Voice for Policyholders  Short Term Profits Long Term Stability
My Mutual Insurance began itself in 1894 when a group of local farmers came together in Waldheim to start a mutual insurance company to serve the community and surrounding area.
Why does mutual insurance align so well with Saskatchewan values? Saskatchewan is known for its amazing people who look after one another and their communities, through volunteer work, charitable giving, and overall willingness to help our neighbors.
Mutual Insurance originated from this concept almost 167 years ago. Mutual insurance, in its most basic form, is people helping people. 

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