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Motorcycles are a fun way to explore Saskatchewan and feel the warmth after a long winter. We want you to stay safe on the roads so keep these tips in mind as you hit the road. 

Check your bike before every ride. 

Performing a visual and physical inspection of your bike prior to every ride will ensure your bike is safe to hit the road. 

  • check your tires for cracks, punctures and overall tread life
  • look at the engine and underneath the bike for gas or oil leaks
  • test your lights, turn signals & brakes
  • test your horn
  • ensure your mirrors are adjusted properly 

Protective gear

While it may be tempting to wear just a vest & helmet during the summer, wearing the proper riding gear can save your life. Gear every rider should consider include a full shield helmet, motorcycle jacket & pants, boots and gloves. Research the gear you buy to make sure it meets safety standards and choose colors that are easy for motorist to see. 

Weather factors.

Weather plays a large factor in riding safety, so monitor your local weather forecast when you are planning to hit the road. Rain can reduce visibility & also make roads slick for motorcycle tires. 

Look after your ride.

Proper maintenance for your motorcycle is vital, make sure to follow your user manual for maintenance. Routine maintenance such as oil changes, brake pads or chain adjustment allows your motorcycle to function properly and helps avoid breakdowns or even accidents. 

Rules matter. 

While simple to say, sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement & forget about the rules of the road. Make sure to signal, stop at lights and turns and drive at safe speeds. 

Considering a package policy for your motorcycle this season? Find a local broker near you who can help you find the right coverage. 

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