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Spring is in the air, and everyone is getting excited to get out and explore the countryside in their camper. Before you step on the gas, here is a simple checklist of maintenance for your camper that will make your trips as enjoyable as possible.. 

Preparation Checklist

  • Check batteries
  • Flush water system
  • Check for water leaks
  • Check appliances
  • Check tires
  • Conduct a full safety check

1. Checking the batteries

rv battery check my mutual ins

During the offseason batteries can lose up to 10% of their power per month when in storage. Make sure your battery is fully charged and has the correct water levels as designated by your manual. Make sure your connections are clean before reconnection and ensure your battery is protected from the elements.

RV/Camper Battery Check Testing - You Tube

2. Flushing your water tank

 RV Water Tank Flush My Mutual Ins

You most likely winterized your camper by running anti-freeze through the lines, now its time to clean that out.

  1. Hook your water hose into your city water inlet, turn water on and open all your taps.
  2. Let water run until water is clear. Once clear, close your taps and disconnect water hose.
  3. Fill fresh water tank and add two cups of household bleach. The bleach helps sanitize all your lines. 
  4. Turn on  pump and open all  taps until all have clear water.
  5. Close taps and pressurize hot water tank. (can take 5-10 minutes)  
  6. Let water sit for 3 - 4 hours or overnight to kill any bacteria. 
  7. Shut water pump off and open a hot water tap to help release pressure from water heater.
  8. Remove drain bolt from hot water tank. Once empty, replace water heater drain bolt.
  9. Empty fresh water tank and close once empty.
  10. Fill fresh water tank with hose and add two cups of vinegar to neutralize bleach.
  11. Turn on water pump and run all taps for a few minutes.
  12. Turn off water pump and empty fresh water tank.
  13. Fill fresh water tank one last time with fresh water and empty
  14. Once system is completely flushed you can fill your fresh water tank with fresh water for camping. 

If you are a visual person, check out this step by step walkthrough: Flushing Your RV/Camper Lines

 3. Check for leaks

Leaks in a camper can occur from water entering from the outside but we must also check to ensure water lines within the trailer are not leaking. 

Outside Leaks

At the beginning of every season do a walkthrough of your trailer checking windows, walls and air conditioner mounts for signs of water damage. If water damage signs are showing locate the source and have it repaired. 

Water Line Leaks

When pump is on, and lines are pressurized, take a flashlight and inspect all visible water lines for minor leaks. If you find a leak, empty lines, and repair prior to camping. 

 4. Check Appliances

 Do a walkthrough of your camper and check to ensure fridge, stove or any other appliances are in full working order.

5. Check Tires

Camper Tire Check My Mutual Ins

Check the air pressure in your tires and fill if necessary to recommended PSI. It is also important to inspect tire for thread wear and cracking on side walls. If you are concerned about the shape of your tires, have them professionally inspected and replaced if necessary. 

6.Conduct a full safety check

Camper Safety My Mutual Ins

Ensure your camper has the following and that they are in good working order.

  • Smoke Detector
  • PL Gas Leak Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

*Some of these checks can be challenging, if you are uncertain on how something is done, please consult a professional.

Happy camping from all your friends at My Mutual Insurance.

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