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Ice Damming Saskatchewan

With the temperatures rising, it’s that time of the year when many homes experience ice build-up and ice damming. 
Every year homeowners suffer water damage to their homes as the result of ice build up. To prevent any ice damming issues, remove the first 3’ of snow from your roof and in the eaves troughs to allow the warm sun to melt any ice and to warm the roofing materials. 
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While it is not advised that you go onto your roof to remove excess snow as it can be dangerous. Your local supply shop should carry an extension roof rake which can help get the job done safely. 
By removing this snow, it will help to ensure that no ice penetrates under the roofing material causing it to enter homes causing water damage. 
Addressing any ice now will likely prevent damage to your home in the future.  
If you need help with ice accumulations contact a professional restoration company for assistance. Important to note as well that not all policies carry ice damming coverage so make sure to contact your local broker to review your coverage. 

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