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Spring brings hope back into our hearts in Saskatchewan. The winter can be so very long, and as the sun warms up and the snow melts, it is easy for our thoughts to leap ahead to gardening, lawns and camping.

Remember! As winter leaves us, it can ambush us with some nasty surprises! This article in Saskatchewan's own Optimum Roofing Inc. can lend some clarity in what Ice Damming is and how to recognize it.

  • Consider your own safety before doing anything. It is not recommended for residents to access their home's roof as it increases the chances of getting injured. Look into hiring professional help for the job or using a roof rake from a safe spot to remove the excess snow and ice.
  • Assure your gutters and eavestroughs are open to allow meltwater to drain. This may require professional help if you are unable to find a clear spot to do the job.

Talk to your broker if you have any questions about coverage.

Other things to remember:

  • It is likely too soon to remove the winter survival gear from your vehicle; a spring snowstorm is not unusual for Saskatchewan.
  • Take care on streets and sidewalks, sudden freezing and melting can make walkways treacherous.

Saskatchewan based Insurance Company Re-Brands to reflect 100 years of customer focused service.


After a century of serving Saskatchewan as the Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company MMFI will now be known as “My Mutual Insurance”. As is the nature of a “mutual” company, MMFI is owned by its policyholders. This mutual insurance model, and the company focus on stellar customer service has created a culture where policyholders truly feel this is their company. This feeling has led us to re-brand MMFI to reflect our biggest asset, our customers.

This new identity moves us forward in so many ways:


We’ve focused on the future, but haven’t forgot our past.

We have received the proverbial “shot across the bow” that winter is coming and may well be here. Are we ready? Have we taken the necessary  precautions to hopefully help prevent problems over the next six months? Yes, I said SIX months, six months of winter!

Let’s walk around the house and see what might still need to be looked after:

  • Are the Downspouts in good shape with the spout directing water away from the building?
  • Are all the yard tools picked up, cleaned up and put away?
  • What about the garden hose and underground water lines? Have they been drained, blown out and put away?
  • While you’re putting away the garden hose make sure the outside faucet is drained and the shut off valve is closed. If there isn’t a shut off valve, installing one on the outside faucet line is an easy way to keep that line from freezing back into the house and causing water damage.
  • Do you have any large trees or shrubs? Check them for broken or damaged branches and clean them up where needed. Winter winds can wreak havoc during January and February.
  • Caulking around the windows and doors should be checked for breaks and cracks. An easy fix that could save a lot of heat escaping.
  • If you’re someone that uses wood for heating, have you cleaned and inspected your system since the last heating season? If you’re unsure about any part of your heating system, contact a WETT certified company/individual to help.

The house looks good but what about that vehicle you use? Ready or not, it’s time to winterize it too. Winter tires are a must as well as making sure  the windshield fluid is winter grade. If you haven’t already done it, purchase or put together an emergency kit. This could make a difference between  life and death if you’re ever stranded on a winter road.

Last but not least, what about you? Winter temperatures propel us towards, blankets, books, TV remotes and couches. Now and then it’s a must but  for six months? Check out local clubs and associations and see what is being offered in your community. We are all, to some extent, social and  relational beings. We like to be with other people. Use these times to get out, meet people, make friends and beat the winter blues.

Being prepared and thinking ahead is always a good thing. When you live in what I call a harsh climate it becomes mandatory. May your winter be  healthy, active and fun!

You’re more than a policyholder, you have a voice. Let it be heard!

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