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With spring coming in fast, the snow in Saskatchewan is quickly disappearing. With all the snow melting comes a lot of water and your best defense against water damage within your home is a good plan for water drainage. 
Here is all you need to know about gutters and downspouts to make sure you are ready for spring. 
Gutters are designed to catch the water from your roof and carry it towards your downspouts for proper drainage. If your gutters are plugged with leaves and debris, water can build up and not be allowed to drain which can cause issues. Checking your gutters yearly and removing any debris helps get the water to the downspouts and moved away from your home.
While checking your gutters, check the slope of your gutters to ensure they have the proper slope. If gutters are not appropriately sloped towards the downspout water will have trouble flowly freely. 
 It is also essential to check the length of your downspouts as water can pool near the base of your home and cause flooding and foundation damage is too short. The recommended length of the downspout from the house should be six to 8 feet. 
There are a few options when it comes to extending your downspout, make sure to chose the one that will suit your needs but also move the water properly. 
1. Purchase a new length of the existing downspout that will give you the proper range and install
downspout into gutter
2. If the area you need to lengthen is a high traffic area, you might consider attaching a hinged elbow to the gutter. The extension can be placed up when not raining and down when the rain arrives. Ensure when traveling or away from your home for a long duration of time that you ensure the extensions are down. 
project gallery installing downspout drain lines gutter drainage ideas decorative accessories snaplock w elbow extension river rock extensions over
3. Attach a flex-a-spout, they are great for extending the drainage and also can be pushed and pulled apart to extent the length to your exact needs. 
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Some of these items can be done quickly but as always make sure to stay safe and call in a professional when necessary.
Happy draining from all your friends at My Mutual Insurance. 

Ice Damming Saskatchewan

With the temperatures rising, it’s that time of the year when many homes experience ice build-up and ice damming. 
Every year homeowners suffer water damage to their homes as the result of ice build up. To prevent any ice damming issues, remove the first 3’ of snow from your roof and in the eaves troughs to allow the warm sun to melt any ice and to warm the roofing materials. 
IMG 1063
While it is not advised that you go onto your roof to remove excess snow as it can be dangerous. Your local supply shop should carry an extension roof rake which can help get the job done safely. 
By removing this snow, it will help to ensure that no ice penetrates under the roofing material causing it to enter homes causing water damage. 
Addressing any ice now will likely prevent damage to your home in the future.  
If you need help with ice accumulations contact a professional restoration company for assistance. Important to note as well that not all policies carry ice damming coverage so make sure to contact your local broker to review your coverage. 

winter fun Saskatchewan

People in Saskatchewan are known for talking about the weather, especially when it's cold outside. Let's start talking about something different than how cold it is or if we should drive our snowmobiles into work today.

Here are the Top Five things to do in Saskatchewan during our beautiful winter season.
Dog Sledding
dog sledding Saskatchewan
Dog Sledding is a truly unique experience, and Saskatchewan has the perfect conditions to check this cool adventure off of your list. This adventure will take you back in time just like the explorers of old. 
You can go for an hour or be a little more adventurous and book an overnight backcountry expedition.
Visit Sundogs Excursions to book your trip.
Ice Fishing
ice fishing Saskatchewan
Grab your pole and bring along a few friends for an exciting day out on the ice. Ice fishing is a relaxing way to spend any winter day, whether in a simple ice fishing tent or a custom built ice fishing hut.
With over 10,000 lakes, your next fishing adventure is only a short drive away. 
Visit Tourism Saskatchewan to map out a few fishing hot spots near you.
Ice Hockey
ice hockey Saskatchewan
Nothing says Saskatchewan like the sound of the puck hitting the boards and skates digging into the ice. This winter pack up our skates, stick and favorite jersey and hit up your local outdoor rink. 
Table Mountain Regional Park
ski Saskatchewan
Open seven days a week, Table Mountain Regional Park is a great way to spend time with family and friends during winter. Table Mountain has everything you need from ski rentals to ski lessons for beginners. 
Kids don't like to ski? Table Mountain offers a tube zone which will get your adrenaline pumping. 
Fat Biking
One of the newest trends for winter activities is fat biking. So what is fat biking? Fat bikes are like regular mountain bikes but have extremely fat tires. The idea behind the tires is that the width allows riders to have better riding experience and float over snow instead of sinking. Fat bikes offer a fantastic experience in the winter season and help save on gas bills.
Want more info on fat bikes, check out the loop
So no matter the temperature, go enjoys all that Saskatchewan has to offer during winter. 

Love My Mutual Insurance

Life is busy, and sometimes even the most caring person can forget to get a gift for that someone special in their lives for Valentines Day.
Don't worry because we are going to "insure" you get the perfect gift to make the day amazing.
Three Special Ways To Say " I Love You"
1. Perk Them Up
Now don't go out and buy coffee from the grocery store but find a local brewhouse and have them make a unique blend for your special someone. Complete this gift with a nice coffee mug, a card, and you will earn bonus points.
2. Cute T-Shirt
Nothing says loves more than a bit of laughter. Stop by your local custom t-shirt shop and make a custom t-shirt for that special person. It shows you took the time and effort to get something unique.
3. Cook Up a Storm
Leave work a bit early, stop by the grocery store and surprise your special someone with a home-cooked meal. All the hard work and effort will show them how special they are. 
Not a great cook, we got you covered there too.
Happy Valentines Day from everyone at My Mutual Insurance let's make it a special day. 

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