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The Human Resources Specialist is responsible for the supervision of all human resource functions for My Mutual Insurance, including development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of HR policies, programs and procedures, advising on HR matters and Employment Law regulations. 


This job requires a bachelor’s degree or college diploma, in addition to a certified human resources professional/leader (CPHR) designation.


This job requires 5 years prior related experience, including prior supervisory experience.

Decision Making

This job requires making occasional decisions in response to unexpected events. Decisions would potentially affect own work, and/or team. Other teams or Member Companies may rely on this role for guidance in decision making due to this job’s specific area of expertise. 


This job requires regular communication with key internal and external contacts that by their nature are sensitive, emotional or volatile. Communications will require the use of a high level of influence. This job is responsible for oral presentations, letters and reports that are detailed and may be seen at a board level. This job calls for excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Responsibility for Others

This job requires overall responsibility for the performance, safety, health and well-being of others as it affects the productivity and success of the entire team or organization. This job supports and advises on performance reviews, disciplinary meetings and follow up actions.

Position Summary

Directly reporting to the Leadership Team, the Human Resources Specialist is responsible for the supervision of all human resource functions for My Mutual Insurance, including development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of HR policies, programs and procedures, advising staff on HR matters and Employment Law regulations.  In addition, the HR Specialist participates in company decision-making and development of the people strategy at My Mutual. 

Essential Job Functions

  1. Enterprise Risk Management Planning
  • Works with the Leadership Team to create strategic goals and tactical objectives by monitoring trends, identifying changes in the environment, and balancing team requirements.
  • Supports the development of the strategic direction of My Mutual's human resources, encourages team members’ contribution, and communicates expected outcomes.


  1. Organizing
  • Works with our internal teams to create and implement efficient and effective policies, standards, guidelines, processes, and procedures to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Maintains and monitors these policies, standards, guidelines, processes, and procedures. Ensures they remain relevant and recommends changes as needed.
  • Establishes clear plans and timeframes for project implementation and outcomes specific to activities.
  • Engages in workforce planning through recruitment, selection and placement, training and development, appropriate remuneration, performance management, and individual team member's growth.


  1. Motivating
  • Promotes the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals, leading a culture of achievement, and identifying potential barriers to success.
  • Encourages and motivates people to engage in continuous learning.
  • Act as an inspirational and transformational leader; champion and role model effective organizational wellness, organizational culture, leadership, coaching and development practices for current and emerging leaders.
  1. Leading and Directing
  • Fosters teamwork and rewards cooperative and collaborative behaviour.
  • Serve as a catalyst for organizational change, focusing on improving My Mutual’s capacity through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, and metrics.
  • Ensures ideas and intended actions are completed and planned projects and work processes result in expected outputs.
  • Sets clear performance standards and gives timely, appropriate and meaningful praise and recognition.
  • Examines own performance and regularly seeks feedback from others.
  • Operates as an effective representative of the organization in public and internal forums.
  • Supports the Leadership Team's needs with coaching and counseling to staff related to HR matters, performance concerns and day to day needs of the business as they arise.
  • Leads or participates in permanent and/or ad hoc committees such as Pandemic Plan Coordinator, Health and Safety Committee Member, or other special purpose committees established to address specific issues.


Human Resource Functions


  1. Workforce Planning and Strategy
  • Works closely with Leadership Team to conduct ongoing assessment and development of staff to address both current and future workforce requirements.
  • Works with Leadership Team to create, implement and monitor effective policies, standards, guidelines and procedures for:
    • Recruitment and selection of new employees
    • Induction, orientation and on boarding of new employees
    • Skills management
    • Training and development
    • Employee Administration
    • Compensation
    • Employee benefits administration
    • Performance, conduct and behaviour management


  1. Recruitment
  • Works with teams in providing coaching on how to satisfy hiring needs and develop targeted job postings.
  • Develops and implements appropriate interview guides to accurately assess the candidates with respect to the position requirements.
  • Develops and implements appropriate testing tools to better assess candidate capabilities.
  • Recommends to Leadership Team outsourced performance, behavioural and personality testing, and interprets results as part of the hiring decisions as required. Administers such testing as required.
  • Works with Leadership Team to determine appropriate salary levels, ensuring that all elements of the offer are covered (i.e. benefits, vacation, probation, etc.), and negotiates employment offers. Guides the development of the Employment Agreement letter.
  • Guides the development, administration and facilitation of the onboarding process, providing new employees with all relevant forms, policies and the Employee Manual.
  • Conducts exit interviews with outgoing employees and supply feedback.
  • With the Leadership Team, develops required policies and guidelines to support compliance with organizational Enterprise Risk Management strategies.


  1. Performance Management
  • Works with the Leadership Team to develop and implement progressive performance review programs that meet the needs of the business and are easily understood and used by the teams.
  • Conducts and/or participates in discussions regarding performance issues, as required.


  1. Compensation and Salary Administration
  • Works with the Leadership Team to develop annual and exceptional salary recommendations for all employees. Verifies and reviews calculations for accuracy and internal equity.
  • Conducts salary market surveys and/or research, and analyzes salary survey and My Mutual compensation data in order to recommend annual average wage increase.


  1. Pension and Benefits
  • Liaises with pension and benefits carrier to meet My Mutual's ongoing coverage needs and requirements.


  1. Employee Relations / Policy Development / Legislation Compliance
  • Develops, implements and monitors all employment policies, in accordance with government legislation.
  • Works with the Leadership Team to develop individual accountability within a team framework. This could include facilitating team discussions to navigate inter-personnel conflict.    
  • Supports the Leadership Team in managing all employee terminations, including correspondence with legal representatives in accordance with legislative compliance.


  1. Financial Management
  • Coordinates the preparation and recommendation of the HR budget, monitoring progress throughout the year.
  • Continuously reviews HR programs to initiate cost savings and productivity improvements.
  • Administers, updates and maintains employee personnel records, absence reports, pension, benefit and payroll records.


  1. Health and Safety
  • Develops and maintains company health and safety procedures.
  • Provides education and training to all staff with respect to compliance requirements of all company health and safety procedures, including all new staff and those returning from a leave of absence.


Core Capabilities

Demonstrates Exceptional Customer Service Skills

  • Demonstrates a commitment to satisfying internal and external customers
  • Cultivates and maintains internal and external relationships
  • Helps others navigate complex or sensitive issues
  • Keeps the customers’ best interests in mind and advises on best practices

Demonstrates Strong Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills

  • Identifies problems and works to resolve them efficiently and effectively
  • Considers ‘big picture’ and long-term consequences of decisions
  • Is able to make difficult decisions
  • Involves other in the decision-making process
  • Makes decisions following frameworks, guidelines and procedures of the organization

Demonstrates Personal Drive and Integrity

  • Demonstrates a high-level of self-awareness and acts as a role model to others
  • Promotes the organization’s culture and core values
  • Takes personal responsibility for meeting objectives
  • Commits energy and takes initiative to ensure that team goals are achieved
  • Is open to feedback and is responsive in adjusting his or her behaviour

Communicates with Influence

  • Confidently presents messages in a clear and articulate manner
  • Selects the most appropriate medium for conveying information and structures written and oral communication to ensure clarity
  • Listens actively to others and checks to ensure understanding
  • Displays strong negotiation skills
  • Shares information to ensure others are kept informed
  • Provides feedback and recognition in a timely manner


The statements above are intended to describe the general nature of work being performed by the person assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required, and the incumbent may be required to perform additional duties outside of their normal scope from time to time, as needed.


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