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Your Furnace in Fall


The evenings are cool, and the crisp bite of fall startles your toes when you slip out of bed. It’s soon time to turn your furnace on. There are a few things to remember as we head into the cooler months.

Check your batteries! Many heating companies are called out to service a furnace in fall, only to find that the answer is embarrassingly simple. Putting fresh batteries in your thermostat will ensure that your furnace will respond when you flick the switch.

Replace your filters From time to time, your filter will collect dust and debris, which can result in your furnace overheating. To avoid air quality problems, or add strain to your HVAC system, regularly check your filters and replace when necessary.

No heat? Check the thermostat settings to make sure it is switched from COOL to HEAT. Another easy item that you can check yourself, avoiding a costly call-out.

Still not working? You might find that the circuit breaker has been flipped in your electrical panel. Open the electrical panel door and search for the breaker marked “Furnace”. If it has tripped, the switch will be in a ‘neutral’ position. If this is the case, flip the switch to ‘off’ and then back to ‘on’ again. If it quickly trips again, you may need to call a technician.

These few simple tips are good to keep in mind as we begin to tuck away the flip-flops and make our homes cozy and warm.

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