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Understanding Groundwater

What is Groundwater?
Groundwater refers to the water that exists beneath the Earth's surface, filling the spaces between
rocks, soil, and other geological formations. It is a vital natural resource and a primary source of
drinking water for many communities. Groundwater can also be a potential risk factor, especially
during heavy rainfall or flooding events.

Insurance Coverage For Damages Caused By Groundwater
Most standard homeowners’ insurance policies cover damages caused by sudden and accidental
water-related incidents, such as burst pipes or appliance leaks. However, these policies typically
exclude coverage for groundwater-related damage.

While not all insurance companies provide coverage for groundwater, My Mutual
Insurance does!
Our Water Protection Endorsement provides coverage to include direct loss or damage to insured
property caused by;
   • Flood or overflow from a natural or man-made source
   • Surface water unexpectedly entering the home
   • Backup or escape of unwanted water or sewage from a sewer or drain.

My Mutual Insurance will pay up to $1,000 for expenses incurred for the installation of any device
which helps prevent backups following an event for which coverage is provided under the water
protection endorsement. This may include installing a backwater valve on the main line or a sump
pump with a battery backup.

Groundwater Prevention Tips
While insurance coverage is essential, prevention and mitigation measures can help minimize the
impact of groundwater-related incidents. Here are some preventive steps policyholders can take:
   • Proper drainage systems to redirect water away from structures.
   • Regular maintenance of plumbing and foundation to address leaks and seepage.
   • Installation of sump pumps and moisture barriers.
   • Elevating electrical systems and valuable equipment above ground level.
   • Periodic inspection and maintenance of basement or foundation walls.

Understanding groundwater coverage and its implications is crucial for insurance policyholders.
Review policy coverages carefully, and consider the risk factors in the area. Policyholders should
also take appropriate preventive measures to safeguard their property from groundwater-related
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