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Travel Trends in 2022

What we once knew as 'normal travel' is somewhat a distant memory after most countries worldwide experienced a historic travel hiatus. Never before in our recent history was the whole world forced to stand still and ultimately revise how we thought about travel, our borders, and freedom.

Before the end of 2019, it was life as usual. If you wanted to travel, you would identify where you needed to go, secure your itinerary and hop on a flight.

Travel has not been so straightforward between 2019 and the first part of this year. So if you planned to travel at all, you most definitely had to pack your patience along with your mask and other covid-19 essentials. The pandemic era brought governmental restrictions and recommendations to resist travel to control the spread of the virus.

Understanding the covid requirements of every country or even province has been taxing to say the least.

Luckily for Canadians, times are shifting, and it looks as though those long-awaited visits with relatives, trips to cottage country, and maybe that well-deserved trip to a sunny destination may be in the books for summer
2022. But, of course, this travel is provided Covid doesn't rear it's head the way we have seen it in the past two years.

There is a silver lining. Once stringent restrictions on interprovincial travel have recently eased up for many provinces, including Saskatchewan.

Easing of restrictions.

With the approval and rollout of vaccines, the world has more control over COVID-19 and curves started flattening. With experts posting that we might have to live with the virus, governments have begun to relax travel restrictions with beaches, pubs, monuments, and more opening again.

Things are getting better.

Effective April 1st, many federal restrictions will be lifted for most travelers. However, unvaccinated travelers are still subject to mandates and conditions when seeking to leave or enter the country.

Today, things are far better, and nearly the whole world has emerged from lockdown, with some parts of the world relaxing mask-wearing requirements. Yet, despite this breath of fresh air, there are still some pockets of concern that we must ease out of lockdowns, mandates, and mask-wearing with caution.

New travel trends in 2022.

There's a Travel Agent for that!

Travel agents are making a comeback once appearing to go out of style because of the ease of online booking. However, if you ever tried to book a trip to multiple destinations, leaving from one continent to another, traveling with children, you likely felt that you were trying to solve a Rubix cube. Travel is no longer only about locating a hotel or flights within your budget. Almost every destination appears to have its own rules and regulations regarding vaccination and testing
requirements. According to experts, you have to do more homework before booking a trip. Travel will be very different now.

Travel insurance has become more common.

We all know that news around the pandemic is constantly changing. Hence, you don't want to book your travel and be caught if you need to change your plans. Before the pandemic, people likely chose a lower-cost flight or hotel stay, regardless of constraints. As a result, people are now willing to pay more for flexibility if things change. Today, people understand that they can become sick while abroad, and with Covid-19 in particular. As a result, we should see an uptick
in demand for insurance.

Workcations have increased.

Got remote work? Will travel. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it's that life requires us to step out and enjoy it just a bit more. During the pandemic, many people realized that they could work remotely, a concept that has spawned additional workcations. If you can work from your cottage or the patio at your favourite resort, why not take the chance?

So how are things in Saskatchewan?

The province is now open, and most Saskatchewan residents can travel to most destinations within Canada. As of the date of this article and according to canitravel.com, Canadians (including Saskatchewan residents) can travel to destinations as follows:

Vaccinated Canadians can travel as per the
following rules:
- 178 open countries (have no travel
- 23 countries have restricted entry (some
travel restrictions),
- 47 countries are closed to tourists
and 18 allow only vaccinated travelers.

Unvaccinated Canadians can travel as per the
following rules:
- to 99 countries that are open to tourists.
- 50 countries have restricted entry
- and 99 are closed to the unvaccinated.

Though some restrictions still exist, we can be assured that travel is easing up for Canadians and Saskatchewan residents.

Whether you plan to be at the cottage, drive cross country to see a relative you haven't seen in two years, want to explore Saskatchewan again, or finally see the tropics, we hope that summer 2022 will be a year of togetherness, exploration and peace.

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