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Valentine’s Day is always good for a reaction from just about anyone. Some of us are whisked away to remember times of young love and romance, for others a day best to be forgotten. Regardless of your personal experience with this over-romanticized day, every person we share our planet with is deserving of a little love.

The reason so many can associate a day like Valentine’s Day with incredible highs and lows is whenever love is in the air there is a palpable sense of risk. The stakes can be incredibly high when dealing with matters of the heart, which makes the potential payout worth the bother.

Do you remember the construction paper basket you had to make while in elementary school? Crudely glued and stapled together with some last-minute glitter gnash to spice up the display. Then it would be delicately placed at the front of the desk to wait there along with all your hopes and dreams to be filled with Valentine’s Day messages. You could always tell which kids anticipated a larger haul than usual because they used extra tape when affixing it to their desk. Valentine’s Day would come and you’d march to school with your Ninja Turtle or Barbie-themed valentine’s and drop them in every basket hanging from the front of each desk. Some kids were extra flamboyant while delivering their individually specialized mass-produced statement of love from Mattel, while others silently went about the room discretely placing their best wishes for friendship in a secretive manner. Either way, the tension was real. Every year you would run the risk of giving someone a valentine only to not receive one in return. (The elementary school equivalent of being exiled) But there was also the risk that you may finally get that X-men message of affection that spoke directly to your heart.

At the end of it all, love does require some risk to be sure. Valentine’s Day, like it, hate it, or tolerate it, is an excellent opportunity that encourages us to take a chance on love. It is never too late, why not take a risk this year and do something a bit extra for your special someone. Cook a fancy meal, (depending on skill a risk to be sure) set-up your living room as a make-shift theatre with popcorn and licorice. Perhaps take a moment a write out a couple of sentences extoling the virtues of your romantic other. If writing long elegant poems of love is not your cup of tea, the drug store may still have a Super Mario Bros. valentine card that says it exactly right.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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