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Local business and small town link arms and futures to bring fibre optic to their community.

The vitality of Saskatchewan lies deep within its rural communities and towns. Even for those who have never lived or visited Saskatchewan, it exists in our imagination. A tranquil quiet town, where neighbours greet one another, smiles are plentiful, and each person is available to help their fellow man. Even a walk is no longer just a walk. It’s a stroll. With sights and smells that can be taken in with more enjoyment as the pace of life slows ever so slightly. Unfortunately for many of these communities, we have entered an era in which the small town has struggled to maintain its industries, small businesses, and population.

Despite the challenge, vibrant life and activity continue to thrive in these sanctuaries of community spirit. These small gems, scattered across the province, need to create vision and strategies to ensure healthy and thriving communities with small businesses, industries and cultures. This is a unique position where even small town big business can team up with local residents and purposefully place people first.

My Mutual Insurance is a company that has grown with the town of Waldheim and have shared in both the victories and successes of their community as well as the hard times in which it is imperative that people come together to support one another.However, My Mutual found themselves in a similar predicament many other business have been in over the years. Having served in Waldheim's local community for over 100 years, it was time to decide whether they should move their headquarters to a larger center. Instead, My Mutual Insurance purposed to stay true to their culture and decided that the new building would be built in Waldheim.

It is the ongoing relationship between the town, its residents, and businesses like My Mutual Insurance that created the platform of trust and cooperation necessary to embark on the process of bringing fibre optic internet to the town of Waldheim. The team at My Mutual Insurance could foresee the impending need for the upgrade to serve their policyholders better, and the Board of Directors was quick to confirm and approve this new directive. The town could also quickly grasp the massive benefit this could be to the community and proactively stepped up to help shape a plan with My Mutual Insurance that would extend the access of fibre optic internet to their community. This was shaping up as a rare opportunity to bring an increase in internet speed and service that could meet the goals and needs of all parties involved.

“My Mutual roots are rural. We have a strong contingent of people that have chosen to live in rural Saskatchewan. Having access to fibre ensures that we can continue to be viable, competitive and relevant.”

Valerie Fehr CEO

My Mutual Insurance reached an agreement with Redbird Communications to bring fibre optics to the town of Waldheim. After the mainline had been established, access to this incredible internet service would be made available to the town and its residents.

“We believe that working together is more effective than on our own. Partnering with the Town of Waldheim and Redbird Communications to make fibre optics a reality only made sense. We care about people, and this connection will enable us to do that more effectively. This project had its risks, but sometimes you need to step away from the safety of what is to achieve what could be. If we are serious about caring for those that trust us with their insurance needs, we need to take some risks to be able to deliver the best service possible.”

Chris Enns

The project began in August of 2019, and the installation of the fibre optic main service line was completed the following April of 2020. As we enter into another beautiful Saskatchewan summer, this innovative solution to a small-town problem will be made available to Waldheim's residents. It shows that a small town is a perfect place for a business that can think outside the box.
Based in Waldheim Saskatchewan, we have provided insurance products for the past 125 years throughout the province of Saskatchewan in over 100 independently owned brokerages.