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Truly one of the most pleasant aspects of Spring is the sounds that accompany it. Rain on the rooftop, lawnmowers, and the return of the birds. Each year regardless of location millions of birds begin to make the trek from their sunny winter homes down South to our homes in Canada.

As is the custom of being neighbourly in Canada, when a new family would move into town, our job was to make sure we welcomed them and asked if there was any way we could help them get settled. Sometimes mom would make a pie or a casserole just to help alleviate some of the stress of the moment. What better way for your family to welcome your new feathered neighbours with a great meal and a safe place to lodge for a spell.

Now a bird feeder is something that can easily be purchased. They can also be easily made. By resourcing and recycling some simple materials you already have around the house, you not only have a beneficial project for nature, but a fun craft you can complete with the kids. Here are a couple of examples of easy do-it-yourself bird feeders that are sure to hit the mark this Spring.

  1. The Milk/Juice Carton Bird Feeder

A project that is sure to get your kids involved! There’s plenty of surface to colour, easy cuts that can be made with scissors, and most importantly, can be done in a small amount of time. I’m sure you’ve got some old recycled milk or juice containers kicking around or in the recycle bin. Why not repurpose them with this fun project that is sure to make your backyard a unique feature in the neighbourhood


  1. The Tea Cup Feeder

This one can look very cute and give a backyard a bit of delightful charm. If you don’t already have a teacup and saucer that you haven’t used for a decade, stop by a local second-hand store and you’re sure to find plenty. With some heavy-duty adhesive to put the cup, saucer, and spoon together, you can use more adhesive to attach it to a long dowel, or perhaps the top of a fence post.


  1. Paint Can Feeder

Depending on where you live, it’s likely that your hardware store has empty clean paint cans that can be purchased. You’ll want to buy the smaller single quart can if it’s available. While you’re there you can purchase a 3/16th dowel and if you need paint to brighten up your feeder, you may as well get that too! Simply paint the outside, glue the dowel to the lip of the can (you can get fancy by drilling a hole), and suspend the can from a tree with string or ribbon. Easy as you like!


A quick search online can help you create these bird feeders and many more. Your imagination is the only limitation. Spend an afternoon with a great crafting idea and enjoy the rewards of visiting feathered friends. The feeders will add colour and fun to your yard and the birds will bring the joy!

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