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Friends cooking around the campfire, in a campsite surrounded by trees.

Get Your Spot- Get Camping!


April 1st is no joke when you’re in Saskatchewan and looking to book camping sites for the 2024 camping season. 

Where do you even start? We have some tips to successfully secure your sites!

  1. Find the right schedule: Visit parks.sk.ca or call 1-833-775-7275 to see when the seasonal camping sites open up. This schedule is staggered according to location to allow for greater access and ease of use. You will need to create a new account and limited forms of payment are accepted. 
  2. For nightly camping, visit the same site or use the phone number listed above. Same day bookings are available until 11pm on the day of arrival. There is also a Camping This Weekend feature to find a last-minute getaway to provincial park.
  3. For Sask Regional Parks, you can reference their 2024 Parks Guide and find all the amenities available, when and how to book sites and directions to each park. Regional parks are generally less costly, and sometimes are located close to a golf course, lake, or geographical must-see!
  4. There are all kinds of places to explore, and sometimes the best way is a good old-fashioned road trip. Pack snacks, plan a route (and makes sure to check gas station hours) and see the great wide open. Binoculars, a picnic blanket, a geocaching app or list, and a camera are great things to pack along! 
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