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Digitize Your Photo Album

It may seem like long ago, but you need only go back 20 years to find a time when “flipping” through a photo album was literally what was meant. Perhaps by yourself, or surrounded by family, each page would be turned and the memories relived through those photos. The phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words” still limits the pictures to our words. What about the gasps, the laughter, and the pull of your heart as you gaze on pictures of loved ones who may no longer be with you?

Most memories are now stored online. Facebook pages, group chats and hundreds of social media apps are used to stay connected with one another. The photo album has become a medium of the past and has found its way to the basement, tucked away in a corner or storage box. The pictures and memories you have stored aren’t any less powerful or loved, you just access your memories differently now.

Experience has found these precious family treasures are damaged or lost altogether when a home is invaded by an unanticipated situation. In moments a burst water line, sewer back-up, or even a fire can take your valuable possessions away forever.

With available technology you can digitize your precious family photo albums, storing them where they are safe from harm, but also available when you want to “flip” through them again.

Before you begin, you may need to purchase equipment necessary to digitize your photo albums. Online companies are happy to oversee this process. You won’t have to purchase any equipment and will save yourself all the extra work. It will require you to send your photos away to be processed so make sure you’re comfortable before doing that. However, if you’re excited about this project, you’ll need a method to scan your photos. Different scanners are available and there should be one which suits both your needs and your budget. Online research and conversations with sales agents should help you narrow down the scanner you require. Smartphones and tablets can also be used with specific apps that are effective with small batches of photos.

Once you have the equipment, consideration should be given about how you wish to store your digital photos. Many people prefer to stockpile the scans on their computer, an external hard drive, or cloud storage. Depending on your method, the photos may still be susceptible to the same problems of the physical photo album. If you store your digital photos on an external hard drive or thumb drive, use a fire resistant and waterproof lock box or keep them at a different location. If tragedy strikes, you have your other set of family memories stored safely elsewhere.

Dedicate a space and time when you sort through all those photos. Some people prefer to sort by date, others by family group or events. You’ll reap the benefits later when you create the different folders and filing systems.

Start scanning! This should be a fun and nostalgic adventure, not a task. Take your time as you go through the photos and enjoy them again. See if other family members would like help with the project and expect moments where stories are shared and you can laugh together.

Once completed, share and enjoy your digital photo album. Click through them when the family is together, create a slideshow, or purchase a digital picture frame that cycles through the pictures you want displayed at a family gathering or special event.

As times change, use the technology and services available to preserve the memories of those who have traveled with you through each moment.

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