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Bringing Back Humidity


You've made it through the Christmas crazy and blasted into another New Year! Now we are languishing in the cool, dry, winter season long enough that the majority of homes in the province will be at their lowest point of air humidity. Big deal, right? But if you struggle with an itchy scalp, dry skin, or sinus congestion at night, there’s a good chance your home could use a little humidity.

Winter air in Saskatchewan is notoriously dry. Your heating system is also working against the humidity level in your home. The purchase of a good humidifier may not be in your budget right now, but not to worry, there are a few ways you can restore some of the humidity in your home without major appliances or breaking the bank.  The best first step is to speak with your heating professional for their guidance and direction as they can advise if it would be wise to introduce some more moisture into the air.*

Use Your Furnace to Help

By placing a bowl of water over the hot air vents in your home, you will be creating an environment for evaporation to take place. If you want to take this simple method to the next level, place a hanger wire or rod across the bowl. Drape a cloth over the rod and dip one end into the water. The water will wick up the cloth increasing the surface area for cycling air to contact water.

Understandably, if you have children or pets, leaving bowls of water laying around the room may not be a solution. If you need to get water up and out of the way, the same concept works on window ledges.

Bring it to a Boil

Boiling water is also a quick way to add some moisture to your home. You can bring water to a boil in a pot for 10-15 minutes, or make sure your supper plans involve boiling water, like pasta, potatoes, or other vegetables. If you choose to boil water simply for the benefit of humidity, please set a timer! It’s a fine idea that can turn dangerous if you leave the boiling water unattended.

Adjust Your Routine

You can also use other daily routines to bring a bit of relief.

  • When taking a shower, leave the door open to the next room.
  • After a bath, let the water sit in the tub until completely cooled.
  • If you have a dishwasher, forgo the dry cycle. After the wash cycle is done, pop open the door. You’ll save a bit of electricity and let all that steamy air into your home.
  • If you have a place to hang dry clothing you can also help along the situation by air drying clothing after a wash cycle.

Wet Your Plants

Not just great to look at, but plants naturally send moisture back into the atmosphere. Granted it would take a substantial number of plants to make a noticeable impact, but every little bit helps! Grouping your plants together will also create better results as it multiplies the number of leaves emitting moisture in a given area.

*Before acting on any advice, it is wise to do an assessment of your current humidity levels, as introducing too much moisture can have detrimental effects on your home and your health*

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