The Directors of My Mutual come from all parts of the province and represent all of our Saskatchewan policyholders.

Murray Klassen, Chair

Murray Klassen was first elected to the Board in 2000 and has faithfully served as Chair over many of those years. He is a partner and holds the position of President in two agriculture corporations. His background in finance and business is an asset to the Investment Committee, which he also chairs.

Tina Doell, Vice-Chair

Tina became a member of the Board in 2000 and serves as Vice-Chair, as well as chair of the Education Committee. Tina works in the food services industry and always has a focus on communication and customer care. She is the treasurer and a board member of her local church and is very active in community events.

Art Klaassen

Art claims to be retired but remains very involved in seeding and harvest. Over the years Art has served on many boards and has a strong, well-established understanding of board governance. Art was first elected to the Board in 2001 and serves on the Executive as well as the Audit and Conduct Review Committee.

Brent Eliason

Brent is a partner in a mixed farm as well as holding a Master's degree in mechanical engineering. He also works as a financial consultant in the farm industry. He is on the board of a local camp as well as actively involved in his church. Brent was first elected to the Board in 2013 and serves on the Audit and Conduct Review Committee.

Bryant van Kuik

Bryant lives in Hepburn and works at Zak’s Building Supplies & Contracting. His background in camp ministry and the transportation industry have provided him with strong skills in management, business planning and corporate relations. Bryant was first elected to the Board in 2008 and currently is a member of the Investment Committee.

John Wall

John was first elected to the Board in 2014 and serves on the Education Committee. While officially retired John stays active with his family and serves as a member of an Independent Housing Board. John brings a wealth of experience as a former business owner and from his involvement in local government.