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My Mutual Insurance, formally known as Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company has been in existence for over 125 years. This long history has served our policyholders well over the years. Insurance products are now being provided through over 180 broker offices totalling nearly 20,000 policies in force in the province of Saskatchewan.


Beginning of our journey

A group of Russian Mennonites came together in Waldheim, Saskatchewan to start a small insurance company to serve the community primarily for fire protection coverage.




A fire insurance undertaking was incorporated under the Saskatchewan laws and began to provide insurance to the larger community under the name "Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Saskatchewan".


Growing Strong

Throughout the 1900S, growth continued and in the 1970S the company amalgamated with Prairie Mennonite Fire Insurance, located in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. For the first time, independent brokers were given contracts and insurance was offered to the general public.



Name Change

After a century of serving Saskatchewan as Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company, the name was changed to "My Mutual Insurance". This name change reflected that we served all of Saskatchewan and brought forward the nature of a "mutual" company that is truly owned by its policyholders.



My Mutual Insurance celebrates 125 years of serving the people of Saskatchewan.


My Mutual Insurance, 125th Anniversary, Insurance

Celebrating 125 Years

My Mutual Insurance has proudly served the people of Saskatchewan for the past 125 years. With a vast amount of knowlegde and a focus on putting people first, the future looks bright.
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Based in Waldheim Saskatchewan, we have provided insurance products for the past 125 years throughout the province of Saskatchewan in over 100 independently owned brokerages.