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We'd like to thank you for putting your trust in us, a small-town Saskatchewan company. We strive to deliver a complete range of insurance products all delivered with the superlative service that makes us the choice of so many Saskatchewan people.

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Truly one of the most pleasant aspects of Spring is the sounds that accompany it. Rain on the rooftop, lawnmowers, and the return of the birds. Each year regardless of location millions of birds


Valentine’s Day is always good for a reaction from just about anyone. Some of us are whisked away to remember times of young love and romance, for others a day best to be forgotten. Regardless of your personal


We’ve been into winter now for a little while. But no matter how much you mentally brace yourself for it, you can’t fully anticipate the zaps and static shocks you get from a light switch or when you accidentally


Ding, bing, ring! These are the sounds and notes creating the symphony of hectic schedules and lives. Modernity and technology have made life simpler and convenient with information access like never before. How


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