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We'd like to thank you for putting your trust in us, a small-town Saskatchewan company. We strive to deliver a complete range of insurance products all delivered with the superlative service that makes us the choice of so many Saskatchewan people.

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At some point everyone has wanted a pet. Dog, cat, chinchilla? Perhaps you’ve been to the zoo and overheard a toddler, who has eaten far too much cotton candy scream out, “Daddy, Daddy! We need


Learning to shut off your home’s water system shouldn’t require an emergency. You may be upgrading a fixture, leaving on vacation, or want to know more about your home.  Not to mention, it’s a lot less stressful


Nothing amusing about either statement, but upon reflection both can give a smile as you reflect on the places you travelled and the sights you have seen.

Perhaps it was a trip overseas, touring down South,


If we were to take a brief look back through our lives, there are plenty of things that come and go. Perhaps you’ve lived in several different cities, or countries for that matter. You may have held many different


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